Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Weekend Break -(for the week?)

A dull day, damp day, with a rough wind tousling the trees.

Not much doing really.
Can' t drive for a few weeks yet,
and waiting for the bus doesn't appeal in this weather.
So here I am at leisure again,
(rather tired after pushing the post-op. boundaries if truth be told.)

Time to take time then, if I will but learn. 

As if to give me lessons
in letting things take their course,
this streptocarpus leaf, which has been sitting, apparently just idling it's time away 
since I put it in a pot months ago,
has  produced 
these baby leaves.

I guess a weekend can get full of pressure
because of the expectations we have
of how much we can get done in this precious time.

Sometimes we need to take our foot off the gas 
and see what will happen when we let things take their course.

The simple realisation that
we don't have to take it all on our shoulders,
because truly that isn't our job,
can  be the best gift we can give ourselves.

May Your Weekend Be Blessed

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