Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Crystal Garden

I am so delighted we at last have the heathly frosts we need for the
good of the ground and plants that I couldn't resist grabbing the camera to capture the frosty corners of the garden which still lingered at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
 As you can see from these few glimpses, 
I have a garden of two halves.
 In some spots the frost remains while in others it is
"a different country"
as my mother used to say.

For the first time ever I have a helebore niger which has survived to bloom a second year!
  It may not look like much yet but I have high hopes.

 As usual hubby's favourite camellias are in rosy fat bud,
 and just look at that delicious little nib of fuschia colour showing in
the winter drab at the end of the orange/red leaf's stem
These un-prepossessing little shoots peeping through the monbretia leaves are the sweet promise of snowdrops in bud,
while this little frosty garden has high-lighted the lichen 
grown atop our solar lights, 
explaining why even after the sunniest winter's day 
they have yielded no light to navigate the garden by.
Finally, wouldn't these crystal edged leaves
make a lovely design for a piece of jewellery?
Or is it only me?

God  Bless

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