Friday, 13 January 2012

Into the Light

I have been home from hospital for a week and a day,
and I am feeling fine
after having some major repairs
and a full hysterectomy.
There I've said it!
named what used to be the unmentionable
"women's troubles".

Today the morning is beautifully sunny
after the first frost following the warm winter weather,
and so well am I
that I ventured a walk on my own
to skirt the top of the park.

My mind reached ahead of me
to past the walled garden
and the path with the view over the village,
but my body whispered a warning
that I would have to walk the same distance back
so I obediently turned onto a path
which brought me home. 

 Sitting sipping my tea 
I look over at the pinks 
my younger granddaughter Rachel bought me,
and rejoice in
the contrast of 
soft magenta
against the aqua walls.

So many contrasts in life.

This operation and recovery
so different
from the experience
last May.

there was my difficulty with the anaesthetic,
and problems in the recovery room.

This time, the spinal block with no difficulties,
and news of a new general anaesthetic
which should be safe for the future.

Then, months of weakness and incapacity,
now, feeling unbelievably strong and well.

Shadow and light.
Light and shadow

My present recovery and feelings of well being
seem like a sunburst in my spirit
after the fear that I might again
have months of the "non-being" I had previously,
and the anxiety this caused hubby.
And without the strength that grows
as we wait in the dark,
would we be illumined or transformed
by the light?
 Both light and shadow 
are the dance of Love. 
(Rumi )
God Bless

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