Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Taking a Better Look

I've had few hectic days so no blog, and today's is just a brief thought to keep the kettle boiling. (This must be where the saying "pot boiler" comes from. Oh, um!)

Wandering around the garden as usual, I couldn't help thinking how unprepossessing this flower head looks.

Nothing very eye-catching at all. Even the
colour is somewhat dull
There's a sense that this umbrella form, (whose name I can't remember)
is hanging it's head and not full-filling it's potential.

I almost want to give it a pep talk !

As it turns out it is the plant that has something to say to me, rather than the other way around

Evidently to see the beauty of the flowers you have to bend down and look up at it.
Not very comfortable, but I hope you agree that the effort is worth while.

I wonder how many people I tend to look down on, pass over,
or dismiss as not really worth wasting my time on.

It is possible that if I make a radical adjustment in my attitude,
maybe even going so far as to bend, or even
metaphorically kneel down and take a better look,
I might find some hidden beauty that I'll never see any other way.

God Bless


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