Friday, 25 June 2010

Come to the Park?

I promised some posts back to take a walk around the park with my camera so as to give a taste of where I live in Coventry, at the very heart of England.
Until recently Coventry was a centre of automotive production where great names in the car industry grew and flourished. Indeed my hubby came here to work in the Jaguar Car factory which was only minutes from where we live, but like so many other factories it is now gone.In the midst of what was so much engineering, and factory territory it's wonderful to me that this county of Warwickshire, and especially this corner of Coventry, should still be so green. Here I am only a few miles from the city centre yet as you can see so much is still unspoilt.
Being from Wales where my home ground is a place of wide open hill tops, deep valleys , winding rutted lanes, and the sound of streams pouring down the hills, I need green space. The park is a breath of life to me.
I only have to walk to the top of my street and a few minutes from our home I turn right to get the first view of the park, which is gently draped over the slopes on the other side of the hill I've just climbed. We begin at the top of the park with a view towards the village of Allesley, which is a mix of picture postcard old houses, and urban renewal, lying on the other side of the curve of the valley.

This is the original "stately home" of Allesley Hall which was bequeathed to the city by it's last private owner. You can find out more about the general history of the park and it's beginnings in the 13th century on

This is one of the delightful spots that have just the right blend of
landscaped trees and shrubs alongside the natural look to make me happy.

In the small photo you might just be able to see the golfers enjoying the course that brings them to the park, and hopefully makes them happy too.
If they were playing behind me they would be far from happy unless "play through" was the order of the day. Sad to say I have no ball skills what soever.

Continuing the "happy" theme the other small photo is a teeny corner of the children,s play area showing the "rocket" as my great grandson calls it.

He is somewhat disgruntled because access to this large slide is designed to keep littlies off and he can't understand why, though he's very happy with the one in the kiddy corner as well.

For me the suggestions of a country corner here and there is what makes an half hour stroll here a real escape. Don't you think these paths invites you to feel you are away from everything?I know it's as yet it's only a brief glimpse of this green oasis but you must already understand why I often think of the words of
Ps. 16 :6 as I walk here,

"The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance!"

I'll show you some more of my favourite corners and the walled garden in the park another time.

Even if you it can only be resting your eyes on a spot of green in your workplace, or a patch of sky through a window;
even if you have to create it or seek it out,
may you find some corner that soothes and refreshes you today.

God Bless

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