Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Whimsy of Wild Flowers and Weeds.

In his poem "To Daisies, not to shut too soon",
Robert Herrick asked that daisies should,
"Shine like a spangle here",
and they certainly do shine in a halo around this tree in the park
which is some five minutes walk from our home.
But if daisies are the stars,
in a wild bit of the park these
common dandelion are a
cluster of small moons
which I think are rather beautiful.

They remind me strangely of the mother of pearl discs
one of my jumior school teachers brought in for us
use in an art class.

I never knew what these lovely things were
until I saw some on Antiques Road Show
and learned that they are Chinese silk winders.

Wouldn't you have loved to be the lucky lady who had these in her work box? 

Isn't it odd the connections our minds we make?

In the instant of looking at dandelion clocks
my mind had accessed the teacher and schoolroom
of so many years back;
the cool feel of the mother of pearl between my fingers;
the mystery and appreciation of these unknown articles at the time;
and discovering what they were from the television.
All brought to mind in a nanosecond.

If only I could access the files,
and bring up the information I need at any particular time 
as easily as my synapses can put together those random connections
how much more organised I would be!

God Bless

P.S. Perhaps you would like to take a walk around the park with me in the next post?

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