Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Pig of a Challenge

You may remember my post "Feeling Silly" was prompted by a card sent me with the photo of a pretty little piglet on the front. Today another card has turned up with an equally appealing piggie (this time minus pink pom poms), who is winking an eye and suggesting saucily that,

"The best way to behave is to

with the challenge to blog just how I'm prone to misbehave myself.

Well, in the words of the song,

"Ain't misbehavin' "

Or, in the words of Eliza Dolittle to Professor Higgins in the film "My Fair Lady" , (and for the best effect you have to imagine Audrey Hepburn's yowling cockney accent here),

"Oi'm a good girl Oi am!"

Having only recently watched "Mary Poppins" I could add for good measure, (and spoken in that impossibly crisp and crimped English elocution-ridden voice that reminds me of somebody who has recently been sucking lemons, that IS Julie Andrews),

"You could say that I am practically perfect in every way"

The draw-back to all this is that I am known to the sender of the card to be neither good nor perfect, and my misbehaviour of the mundanely dull variety.

Imagine! Caught out as the most boring person on earth, - and by a piglet!

God Bless

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