Friday, 9 April 2010

Away From it All - Or Am I?

Well the old magic worked. Having taken almost every shred of warm and waterproof clothing I possess down to Cornwall, the weather turned all kind and gentle; smiling sunnily, and keeping chilliness to the very edges of the wind.
We found lovely cosy retreats in the beautiful quiet of the countryside, and were able to do a lot in a short time, yet still with time to just sit and soak in everything around us.

Athough it's been a long while since we had a break, we fell quite easily into our familiar travel routine.
For instance we try and make a start on any
snacks prepared for the journey as soon as we've turned out of the end of the our road. (O.K. it's usually me, but I think driving takes energy, and energy needs replenishing - regularly / frequently ).
When we get to our destination we usually share the settling in process thus. I unpack and stash our belongings, and stow suitcases, whilst husband switches on t.v. and proceeds to find where the different channels are on the remote, sometimes having to wrestle with a freeview remote in his other hand as well. All this is accompanied with various mutterings about the awkwardness or otherwise of the set up, strength of signal, reception, and assurances that he will make a cup of tea once he's got all this sorted.
Sometimes he manages to test the bed springs at the same time, by sitting on the edge of the bed whilst testing the t.v. At others he merely tests my patience by standing stock still right next to the suitcase stand so that I have to weave around him, but such is the concentration needed to find the sports channel I know any protestations will fall on deaf ears.

Wherever we fetch up, it feels like home right away.

The preliminaries over we are free to sally forth and spy out the land. The silvery sun-lit sea was shot just approaching sun-set from the bridge between Teignmouth and Shaldon. The other shot was taken some hours later as we returned from our first visit to a jazz cafe.

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