Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Goals and How to Achieve Them

You may remember I had made a list of things that I wanted to get done, with the idea that if I had specific goals there would be a much better chance of them getting completed by a certain time.
Can any body tells me how it works when there are constant other demands that push t'others down the list and energy just will not stretch every which way.
For instance coming back from Cornwall I was expecting to finish tidying the studio but the unexpected good weather meant that at last the garden could be tackled, and you just can't book
the weather so of course that took precedent, along with all the regular chores.

These are some of my hubby's
camelias which are
just beginning to go over already.
They flourish on neglect
and mulches o
f tea bags.

Betwixt gardening and chores there were granddaughters and great grandson on a visit, which is a delight which leads me to suggest a date for a family dinner here. Another delight. Followed by complete melt down, and inability to move a muscle, and there is so much I want to do!
Added to this frustration is the guilt that I do seem to bring this on myself. I KNOW I should ration my activity or hit a physical slump, but there is something so heady in the feeling of achievement when I can just seem to keep steaming ahead.

Perhaps I should forget my targets and just simply "go with the flow" as I usually do, but with a much greater appreciation of what I actually DO achieve by this means.
In this I'm trying to take a lesson from my great grandson who on the completion of any task, gives a victory yell of "I DID IT!" I know it's true that at 2 and a bit a lot of what he's doing is still new to him, but I hope he never loses the sense of himself that he's obviously got now.
Somewhere along the way it becomes easier to take note of what we are NOT achieving than what we really ARE.
Anybody going to join me in celebrating? O.K. think of a thing, anything, no matter how small, that you've done today and yell, ( you can yell in your head, but out loud feels good),


As for the garden I've made a start and there are lettuce and spring onions planted. I'm going to put swiss chard, beetroot, and french beans in the flower borders as they are beautiful to look at as well as eat.

Here is a pastel of courgets and artichokes that I did some time ago.
Don't you think they are as beautiful as flowers? (Sadly not from my garden though).

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