Wednesday, 10 June 2015

So, What's New?

I walked into my sitting room today and wondered what the sweet perfume could be.

It couldn't be the prunings from the garden
which I had stuffed into a vase rather than throw in the bin,
 because I knew they didn't have any scent.

 I have been around these flowers since I was a kid,
 when they grew in my parents garden over seventy years ago.
  My plants come from cuttings of theirs,
 and I have transplanted them,
 and weeded around them ever since.
My nose has been close to them more times than I could count
 as I have worked in the garden,
 so I would have known if they bore any perfume wouldn't I?

But guess what? 

 Bending over them I realized they do have a scent but I had never caught it before.
 I had never brought them indoors before either,
 so perhaps the scent was intensified by being in the enclosed space. 
 Whatever the reason, the perfume came as a surprise.

Something so familiar I thought I knew all about
 had an added dimension I never suspected.

The lesson is too obvious to spell out isn't it?

I can't help wondering what else I think I know all about,
and really don't.


Be Blessed

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