Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lovely Promising Bits of Life


Isn't it amazing how often a stony place can bring forth unexpected new life? 
After so much time off line I still don't really have anything I can say accept that,
 just like the photo,
there is still  lot of contrast going on between comparative barrenness
some lovely refreshing bits of life for me.  

Just now I am waiting for more test results and hoping there will be indications of what is going on. 
(For those who were kind enough to ask, and I said I was o.k., - I was wrong!)

When I feel more able I will post some of the bits of loveliness,
 but until then how about this? 
As the title suggests it really is a song I find difficult to end once I start to sing.

How about you?



  1. Hazel, I.m coming across this late ( quarter to midnight)so just to say what a great post. I love the photo and the music too. I'm sorry to hear of potential health problems - praying for you tonight. If you would fancy a phone chat, let me know a day and time to suit- we have a lot to catch up on.Blessings

  2. Oops- I left a comment last night but it seems to be have disappeared.

  3. Hazel, thank you for the beautiful picture and song. I'm so sorry that you are facing health issues and will remember you in prayer. Blessings.

    1. Thank you both for your prayers. I truly appreciate your concern.

      All the tests have come back o.k. All that isn't is me! Doctor has gone back to diagnosis of post viral syndrome again so it's just a case of doing what I can, when I can, and being good in between. :)

      Love and blessings to you both. x x

      P.S. Would be lovely to do a catch up Phil. Can't remember how we did it last time?? I must have your number so will look it out and mail you to arrange time.