Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lovely Bit No.2 -. Up Above My Head

I hope you will forgive this device of "Lovely Bits of Life",
 which seems a bit superfluous given the whole blog is dedicated to
 the wonderful in the everyday.

The reason I'm employing it is to pick up on the fact that
 so much of my recent time has been spent resting and feeling ill,  and then
 there have been extreme contrasts
 of something really beautiful and "other" in between.

For instance, this photo was taken from the patio of a beautifully restored fisherman's cottage hubby and I got to share with our family, a couple of weeks ago.
I hadn't been well enough to spend the whole week there
but we had travelled down by train the night before to spend two days,
 and arrived after dark.
The morning brought this sight of the water front from the patio,
 with the bobbing boats practically at our feet.
  (That's my coffee cup in the lower left hand corner.)
 Above our heads was a blue, blue, sun-filled Mediterranean style sky.

Thinking about the uncertainty, and sheer randomness of life's happening
 it was this palm tree and deep blue sky,
( which could have equally well have been snapped last year
 when we were in Turkey, or Greece),
which somehow spoke to me,
bringing to mind as it did words from the old song,
"Up above my head I hear music in the air".
We may be familiar with the words,
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning .    Ps 30:5
but we never can know the how, or the where of it:
never can know when our mourning will be changed to dancing,
but we can keep faith with the music,
 and the strangely weaving dance of that faith,
which is uniquely ours.
I've included two versions of the song "Up Above Your Head",
(both by women as it happens),
just to emphasise how important it is to
 sing your own song,
in your own way.
Without your voice creation wouldn't be complete.
Who knew Sister Rosetta was such a rocking mama!


  1. Love that this bit of calm and beauty was a part of your life this day.

  2. Hazel, the photos are beautiful. It's so good to know that you were well enough to enjoy a couple of days away with family in such an amazing setting. I expect it was nourishment for your soul.

    How interesting it is that different artists provide a totally different music experience for us with the same song. Both are most enjoyable but so different.

    Blessings and prayers.

  3. Thank you both.

    Your comments are always such an encouragement and gift to me.

    Blessings x x