Saturday, 20 October 2012

There is a Balm in Gilead

I was really moved to read the honesty of this post from Tonia at Study in Brown
this morning.

Many of us can identify in one way or another 
with the need to share something
 of the pain we carry in our hearts,
 whilst trying our best to remain loyal to those we love, 
and over whom we agonise.

We are somehow aware
that not only do we need to ventilate our grief, 
 but also by some alchemy of the spirit, 
others need to know they are no more alone in their suffering 
than we are in ours.

We need to know each others'  grief, 
even as we need each others' hope, 
yet we are conflicted by guilt
 which would try and persuade us otherwise.

I would encourage Tonia to continue
 to believe what I am sure she knows; 
that it is the enemy of our souls
 who tries to shroud the light of her spirit with guilt, 
being true to his name of accuser. 
But yes, as you have rightly said Tonia,
 as you fix your eyes on the one who has overcome,
  love touches love, 
and you find rest and strength for your soul.

Thank you for your honesty
 which reminds us to pray for those 
who watch and wait for the safe spiritual home-coming
 of their loved ones,
 as you do for yours.

I apologise for the poor visual quality of this video, 
but the purity of these voices more than compensates I think, 
as Jesse Norman and Kathleen Battle sing, 
There is a Balm in Gilead,
the words of which came to mind as I read Tonia's post.

Be Blessed

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