Tuesday, 9 October 2012

In the Eye of the Beholder

I have had a break from blogging,
 and part of my time away has been spent
 on an Aegean cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

One day last week we were in the much photographed island of Santorini, 
with it's deep luscious Greek blues, whites, and pastels,
and it's almost dreamlike beauty.
A peek into some body's courtyard.
Don't you love the sculpted flames of the Holy Spirit in the foreground on the walls of the Church of Saint John the baptist?

 The shock of going from our miserable British temperatures 
to the lower forties 
sent us scurrying for some shade.

There were enticing spots like this dotting the precipitous pathways and inviting us in.
Typically, we prefered a somewhat more casual  (and cheaper) approach, 
with a simular view and a cold beer!
Today we are back home and walking in our own locality again
and I am thrilled to 
drink up colour and light which may be cooler and different,
 but is no less luscious than we discovered on our travels.
I even found some Grecian blue, 
 courtesy of the paint the Water Board
 has used to mark their iron work.
And there's a bit of sugar pink for good measure.
I wonder what you may find scattered around your usual places 
that will lift your heart today.

Be Blessed.

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