Friday, 23 December 2011

It's Almost Here

 Of course I did get around to decorating the house for Christmas, 
and humble though our little tree is it pleases me
that I didn't give in to the feeling that it was really 
all too much to manage this year.

As I'm going into hospital straight after the New Year 
it will all be coming down rather soon 
and it was tempting to think 
it wasn't worth the expenditure of time and energy.


True it was a slower, more meditative process 
than it has ever been,
 but perhaps it was this that made it
an even sweeter time than ever too. 
The cheap little wooden figures I bought so many years ago
come out every year
and never fail to take me back to my family roots;
to the winter's day in Monmouth when I bought five boxes of them.
I each for me, for my mother, my daughter,
and my then infant granddaughters.
Once the doors of your heart are opened
the thoughts of loved ones from many times and places
 come flooding in.

Given the unhurried pace I was taking,
 these reminders seemed to turn to thanksgiving and prayer 
of their own accord.

After the determined effort it had taken
to unearth the makings and start the job,
it became a time of sweetness and encouragement.

After that I knew writing the cards, 
and buying the presents in time,
would also be possible.

So I sit here with just the wrapping to be done tomorrow,
and two cards to be taken to folks I want to hand deliver to.

There have been other,
unforeseen things that I've been called upon to do
that I would never have believed I had the strength or energy for,
but they too have been possible by God's grace.

One of the most pleasurable of those things
was to have our four year old great grand son 
with us overnight last night,
and part of today. 

It is a real joy to be woken by a little person 
who is dancing from foot to foot
at the side of your bed, 
and chanting
"I love mornings. I love mornings" 
A couple of hours later we had eaten, 
read, played, sung, and
he was still joyously on the move.
I was a little less so.
Sometimes it's very easy to see 
we've been given strength and carried along!

Wherever you are
 may you be blessed by a wondrously

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