Saturday, 31 December 2011


Here we are again at that point in our lives
when we visualize ourselves crossing
into new opportunities and challenges.

I must say that New Year had never made much sense to me
as I've always seen time as a continuous "now",
and it's marking and breaking into segments,
a human invention born out of necessity,
but of no concrete reality.

You will guess then that making New Year resolutions is not something I've ever tried.
From what I hear they go something like this.

Still and all, I know that this is a meaningful time for many
and certainly it was strange how last New Year
almost straight after midnight we were pitched
into some hard experiences which continued
pretty much over this last twelve months.

It did make me review the times I've dismissed it 
when I've heard people say,
" I,ll be glad when this year is over",
and realise how they felt.

There surely are differing seasons in life,
how ever we view the marking and passing of time.
So on the eve of 2012 
I wish you and yours
A Blessed , Happy , and Healthy New Year.

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