Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Our Hope Hill

I recently wrote in my blog "Hope" how hubby and I take a trip to the Malvern Hills
at least once a year and climb the steep sides of Britsh Camp,
to prove that we still can!

And to enjoy the marvelous views of course!
Right at the bottom, and beginning to climb.
  This Saturday as the golden autumn weather continued to hold
we decided it was to be a British Camp day,
so I thought you might like to come along and share
just a few of the views.

I have had to be very strict with myself and limit the pics, 
or the site would have taken even longer than it did to load,
but I can assure you this is the merest hint
of the glory of the hills!

Still at the relative beginning of the climb
you can see how high up we are, 
as we look out towards Evesham

Nestled below us in the hill is Little Malvern Priory which dates from 1125.

And on we climb with the hills with more good walking galore towards Malvern town peeping at us on our right.

Here you can see something of the structure of the iron age  fortifications we are walking on.

It's not a straight climb by any means.

However we did make it to the top 
and here is the hero of the hour!
Hubby climbed it while suffering from a trapped nerve in his back for which we hope he will soon have surgery.

Not bad for 75 is he?!

God Bless

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