Thursday, 6 October 2011


this week is to depict our own version of hope.

I guess there will be plenty of mountains in the entries but
mine is not really a true mountain.

We are lucky enough to live near the Malvern Hills
and love to climb the part known as
British camp
which is the remains of Iron Age earthworks carved by ancient Britons.

It has two approaches.
One an easy walk and the other a steep climb.

On a New Year Day a few years back I had been quite poorly
but we set out to climb 
the most rugged and demanding
path to the top.

The wind was bitter and buffeted us
on the exposed heights of the hill
and it was only with much puffing and blowing,
resting and being supported by hubby,
that I made it to the top
to be rewarded by the sight of the winter sun
sinking over the Welsh hills 
set out far below us.

Since then we make the ascent at least once a year
and getting to the top has become 
our symbol of overcoming whatever difficulties
the year brings.

Getting to the top is a 

So my Zentangle signifies difficulties faced and overcome.
Hope fulfilled.

You will notice the sides of the hill decorated with
little anchors because I had the words of Hebrews 6:19
about hope being the anchor for our souls 
running through my head as I drew.

The hope mentioned depends on the fact
that we can believe in God's faithfulness.

Now, as much as at any time in history 
we need that hope to hold us 
when we face threats and fears.

What delighted me was as the anchors in my tangle 
grew more sketchy
they began to resemble little dancers 
climbing the slopes of my "mountain".

The leaden steps of the valley giving way 
to the joy of looking towards hope fulfilled.

I couldn't resist putting a little figure
waving a welcome at the summit.

Whether we believe it is God,
or our partner, or friends;
or even our own selves
strengthening us on towards a better place,
I pray we may all be filled with 
radiant, life-enhancing,

God Bless

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