Friday, 21 October 2011

At Home for the Weekend

While the glory of the autumn sunshine still lasted 
we went home to Wales for a couple of days last weekend.

In the hills we found the wind's breath iced with winter's promise; 
clean and exhillerating as wine.

We travelled this road up the valley from Abergavenny towards Blaenavon where, so many years ago,
I learned how to drive.
I certainly learned how to cope with ice and snow
in the cold months,
and the shrouds of fog which can descend at any time of year.
At the top of the mountain road we stopped at Keepers Pond where the summit of the Sugar Loaf
can be seen beyond the water standing guard over Abergavenny.

 It is a place of special beauty, comfort, and warmth for us.
When I could go there every day
it still brought me soul refreshment.
May you find such a place this weekend.

God Bless

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