Friday, 5 August 2011

Zentangle Challenge # 33

I wasn't going to post my attempts at this week's challenge,
because by the side of so many
brilliant and inventive tangles on the theme of 
I thought mine were rubbish,
but then it hardly seems honest to only show
only those things which give me even a
small buzz of self congratulation.

I have to accept I simply don't seem to have the sort of mind 
that can design a tangle,
so being myself and letting the pen go where it will 
has to be my modus operandi.
(It's the way I do everything to be honest).

What peculiar alchemy is at work 
when we just go on auto -pilot?
Is this a reminder that my fading hanging baskets need tending?

And is this second one just a deep seated love of black cherries,
and the buried memories of
sitting high in the branches of the old cherry tree on my uncles farm and scoffing as many as were within my reach?

Not sure I could scale my way up to that perch today!

I'll rephrase that,
I'm sure I COULDN,T climb that tree today!

God Bless

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