Monday, 1 February 2016

The First day of Spring?

Watching the moving news footage of a boat load of refugees 
being rescued from a sinking vessel off the coast of Samos,
 I witnessed their utter joy.
My heart ached As I thought about the long struggle still lying ahead
in their long search for a new, safer, and better, life. 

I couldn't help but wonder if,
 on the hard path which still lies ahead of them
 they may be tempted to look back at their moment of rescue
 as a bitter beacon of false hope, 
 serving only to mark their passage into some new darkness; 
or will they be able to use their memory of that moment
 to strengthen them in the belief 
that the promise of the new, and the good,
is still possible, and within their grasp.

Today, the first of February, is St. Brigid's day.
The day marked by the Celtic church,
in the middle of winter,
 as the first day of spring!

It was now, that Celtic spirituality chose to look 
beyond the cold bleak days they were still enduring
to take account of the buds becoming full,
 and the pure white snowdrops, (an emblem of St. Brigid),
 breaking from the dark earth.
In short, they looked to the re-awakening of all things
as the light returned, 
and the days lengthened on their patch of the good earth. 

We may know how it is to try and hold on in some winter gloom that has settled in us,
to have unfulfilled hopes which once burned bright,
but have all but been extinguished.

Is there some hope, or promise, you feared was lost
 that rises up in you now
crying out to shine into life and springtime newness ?
Is there something suggesting itself
 you could do right now
to give yourself the new impetus you need?
I love the words of John 1:4
which assure us that at the heart and meaning of our life,
 the very centre of our being,
 is a Christ light shining.

May your hope be re-kindled, and come to the full light of it's dawning,
so your unique expression of the Christ light within you will shine forth
as surely as the winter light will lengthen into spring. 
If you follow this blog you will know how I love this song by Luka Bloom.

Don't Be afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You.

Listen And Be Blessed

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