Sunday, 14 February 2016

Into The Wilderness -Leaving what we know and have relied upon

This year Lent has taken on a particular and special meaning for me,
 as it coincides with my husband and I setting out
 from the church we have known as our spiritual family for a long time,
 on a journey of discovery which, at the moment anyway,
 feels like a true setting out into the wilderness.

We do not know where we are being led,
only that we must let go of where we have been,
really let go,
before we can discover where we are meant to be.

What makes this journey of discovery even more interesting,
(for interesting read difficult!), 
is that there are two of us.
Two very different people,
 each on their own intensely personal pilgrimage of faith,
hoping and trusting we will be brought to a place 
we will both recognise as "home".
The fact that we have been brought to this moment together
is a hopeful sign of that synchronicity of the Spirit that is all we look for.

Because this is still so new, and I grieve for fellowship we have left
 I felt I wasn't ready to start out on our search yet,
but hubby wanted to attend an evening communion
at a local Anglican church on Ash Wednesday, so it seemed fitting to go. 
In doing so we are starting our search with the words which accompany
the moment when the sign of the cross was traced on our foreheads
with ash, signifying repentance.

"Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.
 Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ."

Throughout my life I know that it is not my faithfulness,
 but the faithfulness of a God who has actively sort me,
 and led me,
 that has mattered,
and it is this that I rely upon.

My one prayer is perfectly expressed by this worship song.

Be Blessed

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