Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sweet Violas

Planting out some sweet violas and again reveling in the autumnal silence of the garden.
I always have great plans on how much I can get out of the materials at hand so had my pots all ready.

One to sit on the top patio by the bench, 
and yes, those are potatoes in the green pot.
(Hubby's project.)

Two for the front steps.
May be I'm stretching them a bit thin?
 They will turn their little faces to the sun and
thicken up though, 

A nice low pot for the other end of the bench 
and that's the lot all done.
I was delighted that the ones my daughter bought for me
 were scented so to sit here in this late season sun 
will be a double blessing.

Violas are such good value.
Some from last winter are blooming again 
in the planter on the patio table

These in the pot with some roses are also last season's,

as is this one.

I'm afraid I pulled these away from the root
 as I lifted them out of the container.
Still, with a geranium bud, they make a pretty little bunch
 to offer you for the week end.



  1. Hazel, I just thought I'd check and here you are. The flowers are beautiful and such lovely arrangements. Will catch up on my reading of your blog in a couple of days. Blessings.

  2. Hello Lynda! Thought you might be swamped by your studies but have been thinking of you. Have you written up all you have to say on Israel I wonder?
    Lovely to hear from you. Blessings. x

  3. Hazel, Thanks for asking about my paper on Israel. I didn't write all I have to say for the paper was limited to ten pages but I have handed it in and received my mark very quickly. Now the new semester has begun with a bang! I'm blessed to be doing my studies part-time.