Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Day in the Welsh Hills

Last week I spent a few days staying with a friend back home in Wales, 
so on a golden autumn day I drove up out of the valley from Pontypool, 
up over the wide hill tops above Bleanavon.
 From there the road dropped dramatically towards the inviting folds of the Brecon valley, 
with it's farms and hamlets strewn across the green velvet slopes.

where there has been a fortified building since the mid12th century.  
Now the castle is in ruins,
 but the fortified manor house has been restored and is open to visitors.

The buildings sit in a grassy bowl among the hills.

The stillness of the valley,
 combined with the autumn light bathing the ancient stones, 
gave the day a magical sense of timelessness.

  I hope my photos convey something of the peace we enjoyed at Tretower.




We spent some time sitting on a bench in the warm golden sunlight and dreaming,
 but when we were told we could help ourselves
 to the fruit fallen from the ancient mulberry tree our practical selves came to the fore. 
 Mixed with a few strawberries, we gathered enough to enjoy them for dessert that evening.

Eating them was a perfect reminder of those moments when,
 our fingers brushing the dewy grass in the shade of the branches of the ancient tree,
and stained with their juice,  
we had harvested the ripe fruit as they had been harvested for centuries before.



  1. Amazing photos and beautiful commentary. I felt like I was there - wishful thinking!!

  2. I took so many photos it was difficult to pick only a few Lynda. I would truly love you to have really shared the day. it was such a happy one. Blessings x