Thursday, 12 December 2013

Looking for Still Waters

Abbey  Fields,  Kenilworth    
 When I started to write
 "Let There be Light"
 as my blog post,
 I did so partly to leave a record for  my family. 
 I wanted them to know something of my life
they might otherwise never really know.
  About what it was that had made me the person I am.
And, yes, I wanted them to know how much my story,
 even my being around for them,
had been dependent on God's intervention.
Just before I began to put the words together in any organised way,
 I was asked to speak about some of  my experiences of God,  at a small meeting.
 Usually when I speak it is to preach,
 and  although many people know I was wonderfully healed few know the details,
 so I was surprised to find myself at this meeting,
 sharing more than I had ever done before. 
   I was surprised at the impact made by what I told of God's light pouring into my life.
The response came because I had been ready to make myself vulnerable in a new way.
 It made me wonder what writing things down would truly entail. 
As I began to write, it seemed at first to flow easily enough.
  I thought I would be able to do it much as I do my painting,
 and fit it in and around the other priorities of my life, posting as I wrote. 
It hasn't turned out like that.
  I can see now I was foolish to think it would.
 As things come flooding back I find it really is
 time to speak about the inner journey with God,
 and not simply the physical manifestation of healing.  
   This is not a thing I find easy to do.
   There is an intimacy in God's dealings with each one of us
which requires wisdom and delicacy to reveal
.  It needs stillness and  waiting on God
 to find words to approximate the truth.
 Rather than squeezing moments here and there, as I have tried to do,
 I now know I must set aside a specific time to listen, remember,
 and write honestly and without flowery language or super spirituality.
I don't know yet how I can or will do that. 
 I simply know that I must try.
Lower Ladyes Hill, Kenilworth 
 With the Christmas season ahead life is due to get busy for us all.
I have sermons to prepare, worship practices to fit in, shopping and homey things,
 and the small matter of a new great grand child, just moments up the road,
 due on Boxing Day,
 while there is a much loved big brother- in -waiting to be thoroughly played  with
 and enjoyed as we wait.
I know you have much to do too.
Though there may well be a post or two before that,
but after the holidays I will be looking for a space to reflect and take up 
 "Let There be Light"
I hope you will join me then.

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  1. Helen, you are so wise to prioritize and to make certain that you follow God's lead. We, your readers, will wait with great anticipation for the next segment of "Let There be Light". In the meantime, enjoy your Christmas preparations and your family, especially the new little one, and know that you are in the prayers of many. God bless.