Monday, 30 December 2013

Be Ttwixtmas

The "ever rolling stream" of time
 seems to flow with greater speed each year  
and crossing off the days to the new calendar seems to take no time at all.
Was it really a year ago I was marking appointments
 in a calendar not yet begun,
 just as I am now.
We will remember this Christmas as the one marked by
our new great grand daughter's birth on the 21st of December,
so the passing year has added to our little family.
Now we are moving out of one period of expectancy into another.
Little Alyssa has arrived;
we get to nurture her,
learn about her,
and from her...
In the few days between the festivities we get to count our many blessings,
perhaps think of those things we could have done better,
and letting them go,
 look towards what lies ahead.
So many bridges yet to cross...
 We can take strength from the knowledge we didn't make it this far by accident,
or on our own.
As Corrie Ten Boom said, 
"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future
 to a known God."
New Year Blessings

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