Sunday, 19 May 2013

Wait in Jerusalem...

I wasn't well enough to be in church this morning,
 but as I lay waking Jesus' words from the Pentecost reading,
that the disciples should
"wait in Jerusalem"
were playing in my mind and heart.

4And while stayingawith them he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem,
 but to wait for the promise of the Father, which, he said, “you heard from me;
 5for John baptized with water,
but you will be baptized withb the Holy Spirit not many days from now.”

In the branch of the church I'm familiar with there seems to be a great rush
to be in the middle of the action of the Holy Spirit, wherever that may be. 
 There always seems to be a conference or a meeting that is the next,
or the definitive ,
"how to".

We are enticed by the invitation to learn quickly,
or to attempt to import what the Spirit is doing in another place,
 or through another ministry.

Of course it speaks of a hunger to be part of the work of God
which is wholely commendable, and yet...
I wonder sometimes are we so hungry for the gifts and ministries, 
 the miracles and wonders, 
 we bypass the desire to wait for, and on,
the Giver of Life and the Holy Spirit Himself,
 for His own sake.

 It is as though we are always on the look out
 for a set of "rules", "principles", or "practices",
 which takes us
away  from the vulnerability of knowing nothing but
our total reliance on the fresh inspiration,
literally Spirit breathed,
 in the present moment.

I admit my own life and temperament has shaped me towards the contemplative.
I have lived long enough to know
the merit in the desert father's instruction to
"stay in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything." 
Long enough too, to have experienced for myself
 the wonderful power of the Holy Spirit
 to heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally,
both in my own life and those around me.
  The Lord who knows us so intimately,
 and who is so abundant in His love
 delights to teach us anew 
to meet our unique and particular circumstance.
Don't get me wrong:
 I do not see the waiting in our own particular "Jerusalem",
and seeking teaching by somebody moving in His power as mutually exclusive,
and am not advocating an independent stance,
it's just that our human need to know
 "how to",
(and thus keep a little control or build ourselves a little platform perhaps?)
is very seductive.
Seeing the Holy Spirit at work is always
an awe inspiring experience.
Just being there,
knowing nothing,
 trusting in Him alone, 
spoils you for anything else.
At least, so it seems to me.
Be Blessed.
I'm sure I've expressed myself badly,
and even if I've not you may see things very differently.
Perhaps you will let me know... 


  1. Hi Hazel. Hope you are feeling better. I love this post. It expresses beautifully so much of how I often feel. Many thanks for it and may you enjoy rich blessings this Pentecost.

    1. Thank you so much Phil.
      I've been imagining you on some luscious cruise during your break. Hope I'm right!
      Blessings of God's indwelling Spirit be with you. x

  2. Hazel, I'm sorry you had to miss church on Pentecost Sunday but perhaps you were exactly where God wanted you to be - alone with God. I agree with Philomena that you have expressed so well how I feel many times. Blessings and prayers for better health.

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  3. Thank you sweet Lynda.

    I am on the up again and grateful for your prayers. Hope you are well too.


    P.S. Only removed my former reply because the system wouldn't let me rectify my typos!