Monday, 21 May 2012

Try a Little Tenderness

Just to report on re-programming my life
 a bit during what is proving to be a slightly difficult time for me. 

The hairdresser did a good job and I left feeling like myself, 
not like Danny La Rue, (an English drag act)
 which I always fear I will after a hair styling. 
 So part one of picking myself up went well.

Next, due to my bouts of weakness at the moment, 
I decided I need to ease up where I can,
 and asked my granddaughter to come 
and do my hoovering today.
Doesn't sound huge does it, but quite a revolution for me to
 a) let up on myself and make things easier, and
 b) feel I can bother somebody else with my needs; 
all be it the person in question loves me.

Also, over the weekend
 I began to look for new living room sofa and chairs,
 after admitting I no longer want to sit in a chair
 which is quite sound,
( and therefore functionally doesn't need re-placing),
 but which I find really uncomfortable. 
 Again this may not sound ground breaking,
 but when your measure for spending is
 "need" not "want" as mine is, 
this is mega!

Basically I am trying to be a little kinder to myself.
Hope you are doing the same.
After all the second part of the great commandment
 and law of love is 
 'You shall love your neighbour as yourself.' 
(NAS, Mark 12:28-31).

Oh, and today after weeks of grey, wet weather,
 when the world just looked dark and colourless, 
the sun came out.

Be Blessed

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