Saturday, 6 November 2010

November Colours

After such a wordy post yesterday it seems good just to have a feast of colour, so here is a taste of the colour left in the garden this sunny November morning.

Last night was Bonfire night so naturally with fires and fireworks there had to be pelting rain and strong winds!

Nevertheless there seemed to be lots of folk having fun - and the garden survived it all well into the bargain.

There really shouldn't be this variety still in the garden, but the strange weather patterns are causing all sorts of surprises. As it is I can't upload any more photos as my blog publisher is going mad today.

The over-sized print isn't my idea either,but due to the same problem with the automatic publishing. Some of this type spacing is pretty strange too, but hey! like the unseasonal garden, just another

May your weekend be full of colour, joy,
and the sweet refreshing dew of rest.

Be Blessed

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  1. So many beautiful colors!! Nice way to brighten my day.