Monday, 22 November 2010

Winter's Arch

The bells on the winter
clematis hang from
the arch that stands
over the path leading
from our house
through the

Despite the gales,
the heavy rain,
and the first of
winter's frosts,
the delicate fairy bells
remain suspended
on their fine curlicued stems.
Each morning I look out
to see them,
survivors all,
still strung beneath
the lessening leaves
of the rose
which also twines
around the archway.

The duller the day, the more their fragile beauty seems to shine.

Trembling in the cold,
they could almost be
chiming some

Thanks to these pure
little bells our every
trip to the garage,
to the clothes line,
and even to take
our rubbish
to the bins,
is transformed to a trip underneath a bridal arch.

It's the un-looked for little things which transform our lives
isn't it?

Be Blessed

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