Friday, 30 January 2015

Giving Peace A Chance

Having received the word
 peace for the year ahead
 I am accepting it as a loving,
 yet searching,
 part of my road to wholeness.

I am also committing to my co-operation on that road.

 Last year when the word that came alive for me was
 I found myself looking at fears
which most inhibited my Freedom of integrity ,
 and in seeing where I was most bound
 I could choose to accept the offer of the life of the Spirit
 rather than my old conditioned response,
 and gain release.

Obviously my pas de deux of Freedom in, and with the Spirit,
 has not finished because 2014 has ended;
 far from it.
  Indeed Freedom, and the new spot lit word of Peace,
 are very much partners in the dance of the Spirit.

Following the enhanced taste of inner/core peace
 I experienced as
A Grace of the heart
 the Spirit's down payment, (Eph.1:14)
I wasn't at all surprised to have my attention drawn to
 how often it is that my little heart goes

The explosion needn't be as big or as visible
as this wave breaking on the rocks,
 but the Holy Spirit,
 ever faithful,
has drawn my attention to how easily I lose my peace.

They may be small signs but
I notice my fists balling with impatience
 at mindless chatter,

my far from charitable thoughts to fellow drivers,
the fact even inanimate objects can make me angry at times...

I see how easily my irritation is aroused

 at countless mundane things.
How easily I can be saddened or maddened.

My mother used to remark on my explosions when I was a kid,
"No wonder there are wars!"
It's when the pot is jolted we discover what is really inside
by what spills out.

I know I'm more susceptible when I'm tired
or not very well,
 so I'm not merely being hard on myself.
Actually the Spirit is making me sensitive

 to how much my peace
can also depend on taking better care of myself.

Our emotional and spiritual well being
are not separate from our physical health,
 but all part of the one whole.

Even in the first weeks of living with this new openness
 to peace within
I have begun to recognise those things

which are taking too much out of me,
and what I need to avoid, and what cultivate.

I have become more conscious of the choice

 to live out of the quiet lake within,
rather than the roar of my heart hitting the rocks.
Not to say I have mastered the art of

letting my life be so centred:
but I am travelling hopefully

towards that grace.

And really, I'm wondering as I write
 if you might have a reason right now

to be pursuing a deeper heart peace yourself.

Firstly, starting on the outside,

 do you need to let yourself off the hook

 regarding some commitment, or pastime

 that isn't fuelled from a true heart desire,

 but rather some idea of yourself you need not follow. 

 Is there something you have taken on that,

 no matter how good it looks,

 has become burdensome
and would be a relief to let go?
(Relief could well be another word for peace
 in this instance.)

 Of course I don't mean something has just got difficult,

 but something that seems to suck the life out of you.

  Pray about letting it go if you discover something. 

 Perhaps ask a wise friend to help you decide
it's significance, and come to a decision.

Secondly, find a way to

 discover your own inner place of heart peace

if you haven't already done so,

by finding a meditation practice which suits you,

  There are so many on offer on the web and elsewhere.

Until you find a more permanent meditative practice

you might like to start by

at the very least finding a place
 for a few moments quiet for yourself this weekend.

Broom cupboards, toilet cubicles,
 hiding behind a newspaper on a train...

the options are endless so be imaginative!

Once you have found your place,

 breathe deeply,
swimming down to the bottom of your breath,

 to your own secret place below your heart,

 and allow every breath to assure you,

 you are loved

A few minutes, and

 You will have made a good start!

Be Blessed

this weekend.

P.S. Apologies for strange lay out and line spacing in places. 
 Blogger has gone wonky.


  1. Hazel, I had just started an email to you and then thought I should check your blog as I have been busy and not actively looking recently. How wonderful to read this post encouraging us to develop peace within and without.
    This stanza ia particularly inspiring:
    "Once you have found your place,
    breath deeply,
    swimming down to the bottom of your breath,
    to your own secret place below your heart,
    and allow every breath to assure you,
    you are loved."
    Thank you and God bless!

  2. Your comments are a gift Lynda. THank you so much.

    How are the studies going? Wuold love to hear from you when you have a minute.

    Blessings, x