Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Greetings for 2015

Marking the New year 
is a little like drawing a line in the sand of the beach.

The great ocean of time washes over it
 and we realise it was
just a mark of our own making.

The moment of a New Year breaking
helps us take stock perhaps;
in truth every moment of life offers us new opportunities.

How great is that?!

May You and Yours Know the Richest Blessings
 In the Year Ahead.

May Not the Least of These Be


  1. Hazel, I'm just beginning to get caught up after a very busy couple of weeks. May 2015 bring you and those whom you love much peace and joy and love and hope.

  2. Love to you and yours for the yea unfolding before us Lynda. x