Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Towards the Old Cathedral, Barcelona          Oil on canvas board

This is a painting that I've been promising myself I would finish for some time.

I think I've become so used to seeing it stacked against a wall I am undecided if it's been worth the effort;
and now I HAVE done all I want to to it,
 is it worth framing and exhibiting?

Any thoughts?

It is so true that you can keep looking until you don't see any more.


P.S.  This is where a few comments would really be useful!


  1. I find it a beautiful painting Hazel - I love the light and shadow, and the sense of movement - really mesmerising and I feel myself being pulled to that cathedral, though it may be a tiring walk (!), the mystery of it all !!
    God bless your talent !!

  2. Thanks so much Phil. You are a pal! Not because you said nice things but because you hit on the very thing I was aiming for and not sure I'd got, which was the kinetic sense of the figures moving towards their goal. The twice I walked there there has been a street singer just beyond the arch, who has the most devine soprano vioce. She has seemed so full of joy in the music it was her as much as the place giong through my mind as I painted. Blessings, x

  3. Hazel, I agree with Philomena. The subtleties of this painting draw me right in. I really like it. You have a gift that should be shared. Blessings.

  4. I love the creative part Lynda, but find the act of getting work "out there" more of a chore. Even chosing a frame for hanging it gives me a headache!. Blessings x