Wednesday, 30 April 2014


  My six year old great grandson Zachary and his mum
 hadn't been to call for a couple of weeks
then when they did Zach went out through the back door,
 stopped in his tracks,
threw his arms wide and exclaimed,
" Wow!
 Nanny Hazel!
 What have you done to the garden?"

I replied that I hadn't done anything.

"It's just spring love"
I said.

It's JUST spring?

I think I'd missed the full impact
 because the arrival of spring is such a gradual process for me.

I prowl up and down the garden looking for the first hint
that snowdrop spears are breaking out of their winter fastness into the light,
or that the paper thin glory of the first crocuses are about to be scattered in the grass.
For me the fragile signs change is coming may be there for some time but
 winter's grey fingerprints continue to prevail for a long time.
But Zach is right;
all the hope and promise has burgeoned. 
From bare earth

and searching for signs of life

comes bouyant colour and freshness
 and fragrance.

I know full well that the return of life that we call spring is the ultimate symbol for reurrection,
of course I do,
 yet  Zach's reaction opened my eyes and heart still wider to the miracle.

A lovely part of meditation can be turning words over and over,
or looking at them in depth 
to get all the goodness out of them and I found that definitions of the word
included :-
A source, origin, or beginning.
  An actuating force or factor;
  Energetic bounce
   A usually rapid return to normal shape after removal of stress; recoil.

When we've been held in a winter of any sort,
when we have done all we can to bring about change
and there is nothing more we can do,
these are words to conjure with
while we wait as best we can.
Then one day we realise things HAVE changed.

Life is being renewed.


Be Blessed


  1. Hazel, what a beautiful post - the pictures, your comments and especially Zach's unbridled enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lynda

    WE have just had the temperatures plunge to what the forecaster tonight called "normal for January" but here in Coventry we should avoid frosts which will hurt the more tender plants. Guess your spring is quite a bit later than ours where you are but just as beautiful and probably more longed for from what my dad told me about his winters in Canada. x