Friday, 10 January 2014

Singing Meditation

Sometimes I focus on the Beloved with a singing meditation and I wonder if you do too?

It simply consists of opening your mouth and singing!

You can start with a line from a favourite prayer,
 psalm,  love song, piece of poetry, a word of praise or gratitude of your own,
or an expression of praise in tongues,...
whatever springs up towards the Beloved out of your spirit.

Just let the notes fall where they may.

You will be surprised,
 as you simply lean into the freedom of the Spirit,
 what melody and words pour out of you.

My experience is that I receive fresh revelation as I listen.

You may be thinking you don't have a good enough voice or musical ear. 
 If this is the case remind yourself you are singing from your heart to honour the Beloved
not putting on a performance.
 Crows have a beautiful voice to the creator because it is their own!

 In truth your focus will not be on yourself at all
 so just be free to enjoy drawing near.

The great joy about this is you needn't sing at the top of your lungs
 so you can do it anywhere you feel comfortable in not drawing an audience.

 Working in the house or garden,
 or enjoying the outdoors walking or whatever.

Hubby once did this coming home from work on his motor bike
 thinking nobody would think anything of it if he let rip in his Welsh tenor,
only to be pulled up by the police to be breathalysed
 as somebody had reported him driving  through  the village clearly under the influence.
 - After all why else would he be singing?!

 Needless to say they couldn't find any condemning evidence of what it was
 he was under the influence of, so let him go.
He was still chuckling about it when he walked down the garden path.

Singing is especially precious to me since I was healed from Myasthenia
 and got my singing voice back.
 This morning I simply took the line "How can I keep From Singing..." from the old hymn as my starting point
 because it has such deep meaning for me.

Here is the video of Aled Jones singing the same hymn
in the beautiful Lady Chapel in Ely Cathedral

If you haven't already, you might like to try this way of meditating
 and perhaps me know how you get on?



  1. Hazel, the video of Aled Jones is beautiful as the hymn speaks to me with that haunting tune. Yes, I sing to the Lord in my off-key voice when I'm driving or working around the house (that doesn't happen too often!). It is a lovely post.

  2. You make me think of the lovely harmonies orchestrated by the Spirit we must all be making Lynda! x