Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Send out Your Light - Part 1

Acrylic on Canvas

It seems that everywhere I go the conversation turns to how bad things are.
The sense I get is that people generally feel let down by the powers that be,
and the old certainties that have failed us.

Around us are the catastrophes and instability of the world at large,
and in our own backyard,
our own lives,
 we experience need we at a loss to know how to deal with.

In spite of this evidence that the world is a dark place,
 down all the centuries there have been voices assuring us 
that behind it all the force of creation, 
of life itself,
 is one of light,
 and of love.

In all honesty we have to say from what we see around us,
 this doesn't make sense.

In the deepest part of my heart though,
 like most of us I guess,
I always peered into the darkness and suffering I saw,
with the yearning that somehow there would be the light of healing, love, or freedom.
The question always remained,
"How could love let this darkness be?
All too often my own answer has been 
"If there is light and love behind all this I can't see it"
 more than that,
"If it is there and allows this,
I don't want to know!"

Yet, here I am,
despite myself and my own cynical and doubting nature, 
joining my voice with those who speak of
 the abiding presence of light and of love,
simply because I have seen and experienced it.

 I admit to being apprehensive as to how much to say,
 or what is appropriate to tell because it will mean going back into dark places which,
though healed,
are not places I like to re-visit.

What I do know is that I need to tell it like it is, 
(perhaps in fits and starts,
 or in a torrent,)
however I can),
 so I can give others the chance to hear about
 the light that came into my darkness.
and therefore can come into anyone's.

You need to know before I begin my story that I will call the light "God",
but you do not need to subscribe to that name if it doesn't sit well with you.
I have become convinced
the light is there for you under any name or none. 



  1. Hazel, the painting is absolutely riveting with those amazing colours! Then you are tantalizing us with just a taste of what is yet to come - you can be sure that we will return for the meat of the story. The Holy Spirit will guide you and let you know what to share with us. Blessings.

  2. As ever dearest Lynda, you are a source of much needed encouragement.
    I do not mean to tantalize and am just trusting to the Holy Spirit as you say, for what comes out.
    Many thanks and blessings. x