Monday, 14 October 2013

Just Walking in the Rain

This Sunday my walk around the village and it's by- ways
 could not have been more different from last week.
The golden autumn has given way to rain soaked grey,
 but don't you think the sodden colours of the greenery is wonderful?


 Truth to tell the weather reflected my own mood.
You might know the feeling
when it's as if the rain drops are tears
 you are trying not to shed.
We live in a world where the pressure to be
all the time is pretty constant,
yet how many of us actually arrive at this state of bliss?
Sometimes we walk in the rain and not the sun,
and I think that's alright,
don't you?
Of course I'm not talking about a state of depression
 which is an illness asking to be taken seriously. 
I am thinking of
 those odd times when melancholy calls us
 to a place of reflection,
perhaps of rest and withdrawing for a while
 to re-evaluate.
 Losses or hurts of all sorts, great or small, accrue in our lives,
 which we need to come to terms with
before we can set our sights
 on a clearer path ahead.
It's good when there is
 a friend ready to walk this bit of rainy path with us,
truly listening,
and helping us find
 that bit of light and healing
 we need to speed our way.
I have been privileged in my counselling days
 to accompany many on parts of their journey,
even as I have been helped many times myself.
Times of sadness
 rightly used
 can be the spring board to seeing
the brighter colours and clearer light
waiting to enter our lives.
Be Blessed


  1. There is a lot of pressure to put on a "happy face." Good thoughts that you have shared, as well as photos.

  2. Thank you Susan. Appreciating you as ever. x

  3. Hazel, what a beautiful reflection and marvellous pictures! It was such a joy to check your blog and find that you had posted. I always think that must mean that you are feeling better. Blessings and prayers.

    1. Thank you for your consistent encouragement and concern. You have no idea how much it means to me.
      Blessings. x