Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Art and Dusting

Another little break from the blog, and I've found time to pick up the oil paints again,
and as somebody said they would like to see more of my art work here is one of
Streptocarpus Contre Jour
I'm working on.

It's interesting how I often can see where work is needed
 through the eye of the camera better than straight on.

It's also interesting how much I've managed not to see at all!
I seem to have been oblivious to the grey felt coat that had settled on the furniture and fittings
 during my poorly patch.
Against the grain I tackled this slowly,
 one room at a time,
 instead of in the usual whirling dervish swoop through the house I like to do.
It was suddenly seeing the cobwebs wafting languorously from the ceiling
 that opened my eyes to the state of things. 
Then I saw that I was sitting, like Miss Haversham,
 in a positive spider-fest of delicately spun, dust- enhanced drapery.  
Our spidery friends had been so busy
 that delicate filaments ran from the large jar standing at the top of the stairs,
down to the carpet it stands on,
 for all the world like a mini hawser anchoring it to the floor.
 The corners of rooms
 provided opportunity for long artistic loops and criss-crossings of great complexity.
 Triangular sails fluttered elsewhere.
 How come I hadn't noticed?!
I admit to feeling somewhat guilty as,
 feather duster and long reach vac attachment to hand,  I removed them,
 wondering how long they had taken to spin,
 how many times they had been repaired,
 and how many  spider families they had supported.
Still I reasoned,
 one of us had to go,
as to paraphrase the old Western movies,
 "This house ain't big enough for both of us." 
 - Well yes it is big enough for both of us
 as spiders don't really take up that much room. 
 It's just that I'd rather live without the evidence of their company; 
 or even their company since a large one dropped between my neck and my collar. 
 But that's another story...
I've also been re-thinking the blog again as bloggers tend to do from time to time.
Asking myself all sorts of questions
 and knowing that one of the answers is certainly that
 each day holds small, seemingly inconsequential wonders worth remarking.
There is one much larger wonder from my life I have not shared,
but which I think I should.
That too is a story for another time.
Many Blessings.


  1. What a beautiful painting! Thanks for sharing it with us. It's so good to click on your blog and find that you are well enough to share something with us. Blessings and prayers.

  2. You are such a love Lynda.

    Painting still needs some resolving but on hold today as I have now gone down with a kidney infection! I seem to have this knack ...

    Love and blessings

  3. Your painting shares such softness. Beautiful. I hope you are feeling better soon.