Saturday, 6 April 2013

Be Grateful for Yourself!

T'other day Granddaughter Number Two (21)
was bemoaning the fact she had to leave 
just as Great Grandson Number One (5) 
had arrived.

"I feel bad now" she said.

"Don't feel bad!
It's a great day!
You are beautiful!
Be grateful for yourself and don't feel bad!
Feel good!"
Great Grandson (5) said.

I can't ever remember thinking thoughts like that
 when I was five years old can you?

Marvelling above all that he has learnt 
we can, and should, be grateful for ourselves;
a lesson I was late coming to,
and am still coming to.

I pray he holds on to the light in his spirit.

I pray the light in his spirit touches yours today.

This song by Luka Bloom is sung for St. Brigid's Day, Feb 1st,
the start of the Celtic spring. 
  As we are still waiting for spring, 
and the sentiments are eternal, hope you enjoy it!
(Thanks for introducing me to it Phil!  Blue Eyed Ennis )

Be Blessed


  1. Delightful.
    "Out of the mouths of " ...... Great wisdom.
    Thanks for linking Hazel.

  2. Hazel, a lovely post - children amaze me with their innocent wisdom. God bless.