Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sweet Refreshment - Dabbling in the Dew

These buttercups in the park
 have grown long and lush due to the rain 
and I couldn't resist  taking off my sandals 
to walk barefoot
 through them.

 the mown path 
and about to 
wade in 
I found they would have been 
up to my waist
so contented myself
"dabbling in the dew" along 
the grass path.

Soon enough my feet were stunningly cold and wet,
and I was glad I hadn't ventured into
 the deep buttery sea all around me.

Emerging onto the hard path
 I cleaned my feet of mud and grass as best I could 
and revelled in the warmth of being re-shod,
 but oh, my feet felt tinglingly re-vitalised.

Common sense tells me it would have been been too much
to have waded, sodden-skirted through the deep,
 but some bit of me still wishes I had!

  May the weekend be the discovery of a patch
 of golden refreshment,
received to the uttermost.

Be Blessed

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