Monday, 16 April 2012

Barking Mad

I don't suppose anybody has missed me
 but I've had a break from the blog.
Life has been a bit up and down, 
and so have I ,
 so today walking around my beloved park
 and re-visiting the trees which are such familiar friends 
I saw yet again how much we have in common.

After all
 I know what it feels like
 to be all twisted out of shape
 and find it hard to get moving,

To feel heavy footed
 and clumsy.

More than a bit cut up.
Hacked off even.

Then again there are times when I feel slender, 
(notice I said FEEL slender),
and sinuous, and ready to be a dragon lady if need be.

And of course
 I still have hubby
 by my side
rugged as ever
and with a
 little spring time buttonhole
in his lapel.

Need I add
 I'm still
 barking mad
 just as I was before
 I took the break.

Care to join me?

God Bless

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