Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Simple Woman's Day Book

I'm writing this as I was browsing blogs
and signed up for something, having miss-understood what I was doing!
So here's my "Day Book" for today!

It's been cold, grey and foggy here in Coventry.

My day started with going to the Wednesday communion service
which my hubby especially loves.
It's quiet, and often deep;
perhaps because it is quiet, and somehow intimate
in a way that the bigger Sunday services aren't.

Afterwards some twenty or so of us sit around a table
sharing chat and hot mugs of tea.
The tea warms us after the chill of the church,
which the heating does little to break.
We are mostly all retired folks, but recently some young mums
have joined us as there is a Mums and Toddlers Group
in the church right after the service.
So the sharing widens.

Tonight hubby is out bowling so I have been able enjoy some more quiet.

Without the television which hubby loves I have savoured
the silence,
which has been broken only by the sounds of the young family next door.
Through the walls I can hear the father
whooping and yelling like a six year old
as he joins in the children's games.

I smile as I think what a contrast there is
between the "outside" face of next door's dad, and his "indoor" one.

Outside he appears to be somewhat taciturn and withdrawn.
Quiet and a bit shy perhaps.
With the family he is uninhibited and loud.
I know because through the wall I can hear the
"monster" he's become for their games.

I wonder if he is aware of all the
happy memories
he is building for the three little girls who are lucky enough
to have him as their Dad.

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