Friday, 28 January 2011

A Winter Break

Next week we are off for a Monday to Friday break.
In England. In winter.

Still we will be in a warm comfy hotel with lovely indoor pool,
beauty parlour with treatments and massages
to sooth and pamper the frazzled guest,
and views over the water.

There is dancing, and music, and entertainment.
There are picturesque walks to explore when the weather is kind,
and all around the sounds and smells of the sea.
What more could I wish for?

Call me curmudgeonly if you like, but for me there is
one fly in the ointment.

My hubby is a flat green bowler,
and in the winter they retreat indoors, and they arrange
Bowling Breaks.

Yes dear readers, I who have a space in my head that says,
about anything remotely to do with sport of any kind,
am going on a
Bowls Break,
having been on them before and vowed,
"Never again!"

It isn't that bowlers aren't lovely people.
It isn't as if hubby will be playing.
(He wants and needs a rest as much as I do)
It's just that when on a Bowls Break my experence thus far has been
over meals, on walks, in the pool,
over drinks ,
(yes, even late night in the bar at the end of the day,
and the beginning of the next!)
the talk reverts to
In fact I have been tempted to say that the whole trip is a load of
_ _ _ _ _!
Fill in the blanks as you feel appropriate.

Well it's their hobby.
It's their break.
What can I expect?
It's I who am the odd one out.

So why am I going?

Hubby will enjoy it.
(Sounds noble but only part of the reason).
I actually just want to sink into my seat on the coach,
and get taken somewhere I can be waited on, rest,
and know that hubby will have all the entertainment,
and talk he enjoys, and while he does I can retreat quietly if I choose.
When hubby suggested it, the odd one or twenty times,
it seemed like it could be a good idea,
and in a moment of weakness I agreed.

Of course I will go with a good book, swimming costume,
and my sketch pad.
What I must try and leave behind is the glazed expression.

This is where my
Gratitude Attitude
must begin to fire on all cylinders.
You can see I'm already slipping by anticipating
a certain lack of enjoyment
on my part.

Perish the thought!
This will be the Winter Break of a life time.
(Why do visions of the January in Spain when we both went down
with winter vomiting virus rise to the surface of my mind as I say that)?!
You can see the battle I have to stay focused on the positive.

I will report back and be even more ashamed of how
inappropriate my anticipation of this mini holiday is than I am now.
Cos it will be fine. Fine I tell you.

God Bless!

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