Sunday, 12 December 2010

Simple Pleasures

Imagine a gathering of folks between the ages
(quite literally)
of 1 to 91 years of age,
and all stations in between.

Teens, singles, marrieds.

Add a pianist, a guitarist,
and a set of drums being used now and then to good effect.

Incidental noises off, background "music",
and general accompaniment,
to be supplied by sundry toddlers
and their older siblings,
who are furnished with
percussion and wind instruments,
from a big lucky dip box.

Think of something you can bash or blow
that will make a satisfactory noise and can fit little fingers,
and you've got the idea.

Make sure everybody has the complete lyrics
to some 32 Christmas songs and carols.

Old traditional ones, schmaltzy ones,loved ones, neglected ones...
a cross section to gladden the heart of the most ardent Scrooge.
If you think that's impossible
I have to report that the greatest fun
was had when we sang the ones which drew forth the deepest groans.

Yes, that's all we'd gathered for.

A good old-fashioned sing-a-long.
And how we sang!

The order of the night was to shout out
the number of the song you wanted next, and off we went.

We attempted rounds, and harmonies,
and hey!
given that hubby and me were the only 2 Welsh peeps there
the sound was pretty good!

I know this blog is usually free from racism but well,
we all know that the Welsh are amongst
the best natural choir -ists
in the world.
(I think I've invented a word there).

I say we gathered simply to sing,
but there was also the little matter of some
mulled wine, or fruit punch,
turkey and stuffing batches,
and mince pies,
served half an hour into the evening.

The littlies had a table in the centre of us older ones,
and I wish I had a photo
of them tucking into their sausage batches and juice.
All in the light of the huge Christmas tree in the corner.

We ended the evening by gathering round the tree and singing ,
"I Wish You a Merry Christmas."

The cooks, waiters and waitresses,
along with the musicians gave their services free,
and by each paying something to came along and join the fun
£300 was raised to be split
between 2 charities connected to our church.
The Gilead Health Develpoment, in Luwero, Uganda,
and the Theophilus Foundation,
operating in the Kiwunya slum area of Uganda.

It was an evening of laughter
as we caught up with each others news over the eats,
and vied with each other in the singing of the rounds.

It was an evening of having our endorphins released
through the sheer joy of singing.

An added bonus was the
Christmassy tingle and glow brought to the parts
which had so far remained resolutely

Old fashioned, simple, un-worldly,
but oh, so good.

Deep, but Simple Blessings to You All.

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