Thursday, 7 October 2010

Happy Anniversary

Haven't written a blog for a while but yesterday was our 48th wedding anniversary.

To celebrate we leaped into the car and sped down to the border town of Ross-on Wye.

Actually of course to say we are capable of leaping anywhere after 48 years of marriage is poetic license, but we did speed off to have a celebratory lunch at the Bridge at Wilton, Ross-on -Wye .

Ross-on-Wye has lots of youthful memories for both of us.

It was one of the market towns used by my farmer uncle to shift his stock, and as a child Ross was a magical place for me.

It stands on the border between Wales and England, and if you are looking for a base to explore this beautiful area of rivers, castles, and green wooded hills it is still magical today.

I was just going to embark on a list of all the other magical places, but I'm already sounding like an envoy from the South wales Tourist board so I will forebear, but not before I've added ,

"Go! Take a look!"

Back to yesterday. We booked a lunch at the Bridge at Wilton off the web, having not been there before but trusting that the great reviews were accurate, and they were!

We had a most excellent lunch and enjoyed chatting over our drinks and coffee while looking out over the river towards the lovely town perched on the hill on the other side.

I'm always afraid to recommend a place in case the chef moves on but this was wonderful! Pity we couldn't make it to a full blown evening meal, but we have that to look forward to.
Again I can only encourage you to go for yourselves if you get chance.

It was one of those autumn days when the showers clear and the sun lights everything to glory.
There was an apple laden tree next to the hotel restaurant that reminded me of the orchards at my uncles' farm, and how at this time of year the cider apples would be hanging like glowing Christmas decorations, red and shining, and waiting to be piled onto the waiting baskets.

As we headed back from Ross towards Ledbury we passed wagon after wagon- load of apples being drawn along the country roads by the farm tractors. It's good to know that so many small businesses still make the old fashioned Herefordshire cider and perry.

Even as a small child I was allowed a tiny glass of the golden liquid that had been milled and brewed on the farm, and was brought from the cellar in the special jug kept hanging on the dresser solely for that purpose. I can guarantee you will have a good head for liquor if you're raised on home brewed cider!

Ledbury was lovely to wander around, savouring more memories, and make a few "memento" buys before following the road back to Coventry via the lovely Malvern hills, and Upton-on Severn. (I swear I'm not in any body's employ but do go to these magical places and give your soul time to breath).

The evening sun lit our road all the way home, and the deep colours and long shadows of autumn were beautiful. So much so that I had to leap, (there I go exaggerating again), into the studio and try and capture a bit of yesterday, filtered through memories from further back than that.

What is true is that I may not leap, but I do throw myself at every canvas as though my life depended on it, and this one is no exception, so it isn't fully resolved yet but I've made a hefty start!

Here's to the next anniversary!

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  1. Happy 48th anniversary to the wonderful Hazel and Bill. You are amazing and continue to inspire me. Love you lots xxxx
    ps. love the painting and the evocative inspirational memories. xx