Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Presents That Fit the Bill

Still more or less idling my time away with another infection,but in the mean time I've been on-line shopping for hubby's birthday present. Oh, the wonders of technology when what you order comes on the day you want it to, and what you ordered fits! By these means hubby (yes, his name is Bill), is now the owner of some smart new grey bowling trousers.

I'm glad to say that unlike when you're a youngster, he's at the age where clothes are a welcome present, and it has benefits for the giver of the gift as well.

Firstly I don't have to nag, cajole, and plead to get him into a shop, I just present him with the item of clothing.

Secondly, he doesn't have the option of saying,"HOW much...?" at the sight of a price tag, and quickly vacating the shop empty handed.

Finally, for a little while he will look really good in a new pair of trousers that he has not yet managed to wear into his usual "just slept in these for a week" shape.

Bowling being his passion, he is doubly pleased that among the other gifts from our daughter was a white leather belt for his new bowling whites. The fact that it is exactly the right length means he won't resort to hacking a few inches off it as he has been known to do in the past, so again it's a double whammy, because I'm pleased about that too!

Younger granddaughter presented him with a white base ball cap emblazoned with the motto," I'd Rather be Bowling", which we all agreed he can wear at any moment of the day or night and it remain true.

As I sit and write he is sitting opposite me in a lovely deep purple shirt which really suits him, and came with a twin in a lovely shade of blue, from our older granddaughter, so he's not always the old traditionalist after all. Good choice!

There were other small gifts as well of course, and a couple of celebration meals together, but all this had to be fitted around the current bowls matches that abound now we are in the middle of the outdoor season.

The only thing he didn't completely fit in was blowing the candles out on his cake. Our young great grandson beat him to it !

God Bless

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