Thursday, 22 July 2010

Groove On

Here I am after three months, with a diagnosis under my belt, so I can begin to look forward to the grooves of my life opening out into wider circles again. Of course knowing what's wrong doesn't take away the fact of having to get "better", so there's a bit more r and r to go yet but things look good.

Glad to say that the pain and general feeling of illness is apparently down to a very common or garden diverticular disease, with some infection. I will have to learn to be circumspect about what I eat and may emerge a slimmer and more healthy self so that's good.

During all this the feeling of the family closing in for a "cwtch", (Welsh for a really good hug), that goes beyond the physical thing has been tremendous.
Knowing myself prayed for by the church family.
Having a laugh with friends when I needed it.
The unexpectedly warm and caring consultant surgeon, and radiographers.
So many truly lovely people.
As always so much to be grateful for.

I know I'm re-iterating what I say so often, and what I was saying in my last Blog too, but I've just come across the most beautifully written blog that has a "Gratitude Community" amongst it's pages and I recommend you take a look at / and check it out for yourself.
It could open up a whole new way of life for you.

The new "positive psychologies" are based on the simple old belief that counting your blessings actually does make for good mental health, and in a world which seems set on skewing every bit of news towards the negative, we probably need to practice it now more than ever.

One of the many lovely gratitude-making moments for me recently was to watch my great grand son painting in the studio.

Yes, I know that he's special to me because he's my great grand-son, but his innocent absorption seems to me to be is at the heart of what gratitude and blessing is about.

How often are we simply open to the moment: lost in it,
so that
we find a deeper place
within ourselves?

"Unless you become as a little child"... Matt.18:3

God Bless

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